All of the Kardashian kids who are on TikTok from North West to Penelope Disick (2024)

The Kardashian sisters have made a name for themselves in reality TV and now their children are turning into social media stars with their very own TikTok accounts

All of the Kardashian kids who are on TikTok from North West to Penelope Disick (1)

North West and Penelope Disick might only be young, but they've already started making names for themselves on TikTok.

The Kardashians are a huge force in the world of reality TV and now their kids are finding fame on social media, with videos featuring skincare routines and the latest dance trends. While the youngsters aren't old enough for the TikTok age policy, they're able to sidestep the rules by signing up for a joint account with their parents.

Penelope and her mom Kourtney Kardashian have already gained more than 5million followers, while North and Kim Kardashian have almost 20million. And they're not the only Kardashian kids to feature on the hit social media platform.

North West

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North and Kim's TikTok account has 19million followers and has amassed almost 500million likes. The pair launched their joint profile back in November 2021, with a video of them enjoying a spa day together.

Shortly after creating the account, Kim was left shocked when North went live on TikTok without permission. In December 2021, the youngster gave fans a tour of her sprawling Calabasas home.

"Mom, I'm live," North shouted as she ran into Kim's bedroom. Kim wasn't happy as she replied: "No, stop! You're not allowed to," before the video quickly ended.

Kim has set up some strict rules for North to follow, with the 10-year-old unable to have free reign of the account. Kim has also made sure to turn off all comments.

Speaking to Gwyneth Paltrow on an episode of her GOOP Podcast, Kim explained how she found it difficult to keep North off TikTok. "With social media, it is hard because all the cousins, all my nieces and nephews, they're all best friends with my kids. They're all the same ages," she said.

She added: "So if [North's cousin] Penelope has a TikTok, North wants a TikTok, and all the girls at school have a TikTok." North can also only access TikTok using Kim's phone to prevent her from stumbling upon any inappropriate content.

North likes to show off her creativity on TikTok, often posting videos of her special FX makeup. She also gives fans a glimpse at her luxury lifestyle, including her impressive bedroom.

Penelope Disick

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Before starting an account with her mom, Penelope had a TikTok profile under the name @blah445087. The account wasn't discovered by fans until the end of October 2021.

Penelope's first account was temporarily banned from TikTok as Penelope did not meet the minimum age requirement of 13-years-old. Eventually, she returned to the platform with @PandKourt, with the bio stating it was managed by Kourtney.

Penelope posts a lot of funny videos with her family, but she's best-known for her skincare videos. The 11-year-old has definitely taken after her mom when it comes to looking after herself and uses products including refining serum and flower water.

Chicago West

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Chicago West has also appeared on TikTok as she rushed to defend sister North. North had faced some criticism as she painted her face in sparkly purple makeup and lip-synced to a remix of Lesley Gore's You Don't Own Me.

TikTok star SinetMatteo copied the video, painting his own face, lip-syncing to the same song, and even copying North's caption. He even dissed North in the caption, calling her "this girl on TikTok".

Chicago appeared on North and Kim's TikTok to support her sister. The youngster appeared in a full face yellow makeup look and wrote: "Somebody was messing with my sister."

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All of the Kardashian kids who are on TikTok from North West to Penelope Disick (2)

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All of the Kardashian kids who are on TikTok from North West to Penelope Disick (2024)
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