Amish Baked Fried Chicken Recipe - (2024)

12-14-2018 Update : I am gluten free, not by choice. I love to Bake, usually on Sunday afternoons when I am at home with my family after church. So...when I had to go gluten free... it changed my life. I felt like when one is gut punched. I have been in the kitchen with my mom since I was 12, learning from her. . I now had to learn how to cook & bake all over again. I had to learn how to bake GF, cook GF, was a huge challenge. Most of what I had learned for the last 40 years had to be adjusted. I gave up for a period of time, very discouraged. Now, I look forward to time for my baking... I have learned how to adjust and bake, making most recipes GF. We have raspberries, Rhubarb, Blueberries, and Marionberries out in our garden, so I have plenty of fruit to keep me busy in the spring and summer. I also enjoy making fresh jam for my family and being able to have it year round in the freezer. I live in the Pacific Northwest. I have the mountains, the beach, and high desert all within two hour drive. Time taken for trips to the Pacific Coastline renews me when I am worn out and stressed.? What I enjoy to do for fun is being outdoors, riding our motorcycle, camping and cruising when we can. I love the wildlife, a short hike in the woods is wonderful. I love to do hand stitching. I am recently working on Angel Of Hope. It's that time of year. Hummm....Pet Peeve, oh I have one. crazy as this is..... I hate cleaning up the counter and floured area after rolling out pie crust. But, I am pretty good making a great pie crust. :)

Amish Baked Fried Chicken Recipe  - (2024)
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