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Over the past two updates, there’s been a lot of discussion among the community regarding Season 2 content and the War Pet system. In this Developer Q&A, we’ll discuss Season Resets, War Pet Skills, improvements to controls, and upcoming additions to gameplay.

Season Reset Optimization

Question: When you begin Season 2, there’s a lot of repetitive work that has to be done upgrading Heroes and Artifacts and playing through Dragon Trail, and Alliance Leaders and Officers have to spend a lot of time and effort rebuilding their Alliances. Are there plans to optimize the Season Reset in future?

Answer: With each Season Reset, we pay great attention to feedback from players, and use it to assess the long-term impact of Season Resets on the game. With this in mind, we will be making improvements to Season Resets centered around two aspects: personal development and Alliances.

Personal Development:
In order to speed up early-game development and make PvE and War Pet gameplay more rewarding, we are considering changing to partial resets for Hero levels, not resetting Artifact levels at all, and ceasing the scrappage of Arcane Dust. We are also planning to increase the level cap for Darklings, Dark Creatures, and Darkling Forts and their corresponding rewards. Furthermore, when fighting in PvE, all players will receive EXP in full, rather than the old system where EXP was granted according to the amount of damage dealt. In the late Season, higher-level War Pets will respawn more frequently.

And to deepen strategic gameplay, we are designing a Policies system that will change as the Season progresses. What’s more, your Dragon Trail progress will no longer reset when a new Season begins—instead, we will be adding new Stages that will allow players to pursue higher goals when the new Season starts.

We are currently debating the feasibility of retaining Alliances from previous Seasons. At the moment, we can confirm that in the late Season, we will allow Alliance Leaders to select their starting Region for the new Season. Once this choice has been made, Alliance members will automatically follow their Alliance Leader to the next Season’s map. We are also considering solutions to issues regarding Alliance membership numbers in the early Season.

We’re sure you’ll have plenty of questions regarding these changes—such as the specifics of Hero resets, increases to PvE enemy level caps, the number of new Dragon Trail stages, how to gain Prestige, and other concerns. We are highly aware that any changes we make will have an irreversible impact on how players progress over the 70-day Season, so we’re going to need a little more time to test and refine these changes and iron out any issues that may arise. We’ll update you with further details once the final plans have been decided upon!

Season Timeline

Question: Will it be possible to see the start times for different phases of the late Season, such as the Season Summary, migration, matchmaking, and the beginning of the new Season?

In version 1.0.20, we have added a timeline for the late Season, giving players greater clarity when making future plans.

Cross-Season Server Migration

Question: Will cross-Season server migration be introduced?

Answer: Considering the differences in strength between players in Seasons 1, 2, and 3, we are not currently planning to add the ability to migrate between servers that are in different Seasons. We are considering adding cross-Season migration after Season 3 ends, but this plan is still in the early stages. We welcome any feedback players may have regarding server migration.

War Pet Skills

Question: Will we be able to choose which Skill slots we want to add War Pet Skills to?

Answer: We are not planning to make changes to how War Pet Skills are learned. Currently, each time you learn a War Pet Skill, it will randomly replace an existing Skill; if an empty Skill slot is available, there is a chance that it may be used instead. However, we have discovered that the existing War Pet Skills page does not explain this clearly. We have made improvements to the page that will be included in the 1.0.20 update in November. Keep an eye out for announcements.

Alliance Gifts

Question: Will you make it possible to claim Alliance Gifts with one tap/click?

Answer: We have held off on introducing a one-tap feature for claiming Alliance Gifts, as we had hoped to give Alliance Members a chance to take note of the players who have donated gifts. However, we have recently noticed that some special events have granted a large number of Alliance Gifts, making claiming gifts inconvenient. In response, we will be introducing an “Open x10” button to the Alliance Gifts page in v1.0.20, reducing the amount of taps/clicks needed to claim gifts.

Dual Login in PC Version

Question: Will you make it possible to log in with multiple Characters at once in the PC version?

Answer: In order to make the PC version more convenient, we are planning to introduce a Dual Login feature in the future, allowing players to log in with two Characters at the same time. At the same time, we want to ensure that this feature is not used for malicious purposes. If we detect that a player is taking part in actions such as Rallies, gathering, and Resource Assistance that affect the game balance, we will suspend access to their Characters and devices.

Union Chat Feature

Question: Will you add a Union Chat feature?

Answer: We will be adding a Union Chat feature in the 1.0.20 update, which will come online in November.

New Gameplay and Events

Question: What new gameplay and events are coming up?

Answer: The 1.0.20 update will introduce Behemoth Raids. All players will be able to take part in matchmaking, and launch a raid against the current Season’s Behemoths in a raid instance. Unlike Behemoths on the world map, Behemoth Raids will be easier to take part in, and players will only be able to deploy 1 Legion to the raid.

v1.0.20 will also introduce a Treasure Map event. Unlike existing gameplay—where you must first gather 7 Treasure Map Fragments to find treasure—the event will grant Treasure Map Fragments for completing Quests, which can be pieced together to unlock clues which will lead you to the treasure’s location more quickly. Gameplay details and event information will be included in the 1.0.20 update, so stay tuned!

New Factions

Question: Will you be adding new Factions?

Answer: We are in the early stages of designing new Factions. This design process includes content such as new starting Heroes, combat units, and Faction Bonuses, as well as ensuring that the new content is compatible with existing Factions. For this reason, it may be a while before any new Factions are introduced. We welcome your suggestions on possibilities for new Factions!

That’s all for our Developer Q&A! If you have any questions or comments about what we’ve discussed, or any other aspect of the game, feel free to get in touch via our official Community pages or via Support.

Call of Dragons Developer Q&A: Season Resets, War Pet Skills, Etc. - Call of Dragons Guides (2024)
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