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Thrice is nice!Howdy! Thanks for joining me :) Today we talk about The Springfield 3, The Dyatlov Pass, and The Sodder Family Five. See you around!Aug 01, 202355:58Ketchup (I’ve missed y’all)Howdy, we have a lot to cover. Come hang out with me for a minute while I explain my absence. I love you all. Jun 05, 202326:57Colleen Stan - A True Super WomanHI. I'm sorry. I know. I do this every month. I'm like that terrible ex-boyfriend you can't let go of, except I believe in human rights. I'd say this time will be different, but we all know it won't. I love you all so much, thank you for being the most understanding people in the entire world.Jun 05, 202226:01Wrongfully ConvictedHello! Once again, I'm back from my unannounced hiatus. Thank you guys for all being patient with me as always.Jan 23, 202233:29How Many More Kids Have To Die?Hey! If this episode made you upset, you're fighting for the wrong things. I care about lives, not machines. May Madisyn, Hana, Justin, and Tate rest in peace, along with every other child who has been killed from a school shooting. We will keep fighting the good fight.Dec 05, 202119:52Thanksgiving Gathering Gone WrongHello!! I hope your Thanksgiving is going well, or went well, if you celebrate it! I absolutely adore you all so much, you don't even know it. I hope you all feel my love!!!!!!!!!!!! Follow my instagram/tiktok at crochetandcrimepodcast. Have fun and be safe!Nov 25, 202128:11HEY! I’m not dead. THANK YOU for your constant patience I appreciate you more than you will ever even know. Nov 21, 202115:23Ed Gein - Halloween EpisodeHIIIIIIIII! It feels so good to be back. Taking a break is great until I feel like I have no purpose in the world, and then I come back here and I'm like OH yeah this is what I'm supposed to do. You guys seriously rock for allowing me to skip weeks when my mental health is in the trash. In the spirit of halloween, heres a case that has inspired many scary movies! Also, don't forget to check out my boob fundraiser! We have 15 or so days left!Oct 17, 202134:52Gabby PetitoI didn't know how to title this episode, because it was about more than just simply Gabby. She deserves more than a measly 19 minutes anyways. I'm sorry this episode was so depressing and negative, but what else can we say about a case that is developing as we speak? You guys rock, as always. See you next week! :)Sep 26, 202119:13Judith Barsi- "Yep, yep, yep!"Hello, everyone! Today's episode was a rough one :/ How are we feeling after that? I'm going to binge watch all my favorite childhood movies now, you should too. Thanks for being here! You're really cool. Check out my other social @crochetandcrimepodcastSep 19, 202146:09The Murder of Angela GoddardHI! You guys rock! Check out my tiktok and instagram at crochetandcrimepodcast and have a freakin' spectacular day. Kick abusers in the face and keep them in prison.Sep 05, 202119:09The Man Who Killed His Family TwiceHELLO. Was the microphone quality better for y'all this time around? I can never tell and I hate listening to my voice when trying to hear the quality. I hope you enjoyed todays episode... as much as you can enjoy a true crime episode... and I hope you all have a great day! Check out my other socials @crochetandcrimepodcast and I'll catch you next week! :)Aug 29, 202123:23The Unsolved Murder of Faith HedgepethHI. Go check out my tik tok and Instagram @ crochetandcrimepodcast. As always you’re amazing. Aug 22, 202137:53The Murder of Joanne WittHEY. I apologize beforehand for my actions in this episode. I blame the caffeine. Enjoy!Aug 01, 202140:07Jayme ClossHey! I thought I’d switch it up for once and do a somewhat happy ending story-or as happy as true crime can be? Follow my other socials @crochetandcrimepodcast!! Jul 25, 202136:40The ArREST of Dorothea PuenteLike the pun in the title?!?! Yeah.. me either. HEY, we've made it to the end of the case! You rock, thank you for sticking through it with me and also letting me talk really really fast so I could get a jump start on my birthday weekend. Although spending it with you doesn't sound so bad either... Follow my other socials at crochetandcrimepodcast and have a fantastic day! BYEJul 18, 202127:281426 F StreetHELLO. You guys are amazing for waiting two weeks on a cliff hanger... now waiting one week for the next one won't feel so intense, right? Go follow my other socials that are somewhat inactive right now due to working over 40 hour weeks... yay... My tiktok and instagram are both @crochetandcrimepodcast and I sometimes post funny things... or at least I think they're funny. Anywaysssssss luv u bye.Jul 11, 202138:102100 F StreetThank you all for being so patient with me all the time. I noticed I had some technical difficulties with he sound of the microphone and I'm really annoyed by it because this microphone was expensive and it's bugging out. I tried my best to fix it but there are still areas where it's dodgy so if you notice it just straight up ignore it LOL. Thank you for listening, as always, and go check out my other socials @corchetandcrimepodcast. I love you I love you I love you and I'll see you back here in two weeks. Enjoy July 4th if you're American and be safe!!! Don't spend the night in an ER because you blew up your hand.Jun 27, 202130:31The Murderer With The Kill KitsHeeeeey. Happy Father’s Day! I’m your dad. I realized that if I titled this episode with the killers name it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore so I slyly titled it the way I did. You guys are amazing. Thank you thank you thank you. Go check out my other socials, @crochetandcrimepodcast on tik tok and Instagram!!! Jun 20, 202137:59Diane DownsHELLO. You guys are so patient and amazing, I'm so lucky. Thank you for allowing me to 1) Enjoy my best friends wedding weekend, and 2) figure out how to work my schedule around a 40+ hour week. Go check me out on tiktok and instagram at crochetandcrimepodcast! If you thought I was annoying with posting earlier, you'll like me now because I'm too busy for socials. Grab some merch!!!Jun 13, 202121:08Most Popular Unsolved Cases - 2HI. You guys continue to be amazing, and I couldn't thank you more for that. Hop over to my instagram where we just reached 300 friends (followers lol)!!!! My insta and tik tok are both crochetandcrimepodcast. I love you all!!!May 28, 202133:53Most Popular Unsolved Cases - 1HELLO! I never realize how much I love talking into a microphone while staring at a wall until I'm sick and can't do it for a week. You guys are the best, check out my socials @ crochetandcrimepodcast!!!! Congratulations to you if you graduated this past month, I'm so very proud of you! See you next week!May 21, 202130:40The Case of Genie WileyHELLO. I really need to stop recording at midnight, I can't think past 6 PM. I hope you all have an amazing morning, afternoon, and/or night, you matter and THANK YOU for being the greatest you there is! Check out my yarn art on instagram @ crochetandcrimepodcast as well as my tiktok which has the same username! So long, farewell, for now (see you next week)! :)May 07, 202128:01The Bloody BendersI'm going to be real with y'all. This episode was a S T R U G G L E for me. I recorded the entire thing, and then deleted it on accident. It's been a week, and we'll leave the negativity at that. I hope you're having an amazing day, you matter! Follow me on instagram and tiktok at crochetandcrimepodcast... I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!Apr 30, 202119:42The Butcher BakerHELLO. Glad to be back. I miss you guys. I’m never leaving again (I probably will). MY MERCH IS OUT. Go look at my Instagram @crochetandcrimepodcast, link is in my bio. I love you, you matter, you’re amazing. Apr 23, 202128:53The DoodlerHello!!!! I’m so glad you’re here with me today. I will never again record a podcast after 10 pm, my bedtime is way to early for this nonsense. Check out my Instagram and TikTok: @crochetandcrimepodcast!!! Apr 09, 202124:59Big Tough Kangaroo Hello!!!!!!!!!!!! Follow my Instagram and tik tok @crochetandcrimepodcast!!!! I really love you all, remember that. :)Apr 02, 202134:57Lock Your Doors, Don’t Talk To Stephen McDaniel. HELLO. Thank you so much for allowing me my moment last week and this week. Life happens and we deal with it and move on. I love you all! Insta and tiktok:crochetandcrimepodcast. Mar 27, 202120:36Dmitry and Natalia Baksheev(a)(y)Hhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiii. Russian is hard to translate, especially names. In multiple articles the couple is named Baksheev. In some article the couple is named Baksheeva. And in two articles the couple is named Baksheevy. I hope you have an amazing day!!!!!!! Mar 12, 202126:23The Bathtub MurderHeeeeeeeeyo. I never know what to say here. Who reads this? If you’re reading this, dm me a bathtub emoji on insta right now @ crochetandcrimepodcast or comment a bathtub emoji on my last tik tok @ crochetandcrimepodcast. I love you all, you make my days better. Mar 05, 202142:26The Boogeyman of WestfieldHI. Can you hear me? WE HAVE A MICROPHONE thanks to my sweet sweet friend Bailey over at cherrycreekboutique on Instagram. I’ll never stop screaming about her. You’re really cool, and I’m so glad you’re here today. Follow me over on tik tok and intsa at crochetandcrimepodcast. Thanks for hangin. Feb 26, 202134:31Cases That Changed LawsHeyooooo! Happy Friday, today we talked about cases that changed the way we went about more cases. Yup. Follow me on Instagram and tik tok at crochetandcrimepodcast!!!Feb 19, 202139:26Bloody Valentine Heyooooooo. What the HECK is up. I hope you’re having a good day. In this episode we talk about gangsters and affairs. And once again my obsession with One Direction. Follow da socials: Instagram @ elleaugustine and @ crochetandcrimepodcast and tiktok @ crochetandcrimepodcast. I LOVE YOU ALL. Thank you for letting me talk through your speakers into your brains. Feb 12, 202130:34Amelia Dyer... you nasty farmer. Heyyyyyyyyyyy. What the heck is up. What do I even say here anymore? Follow the things. Listen to the things. Do the things. Have a great day. Feb 05, 202128:43Dolly Madison Bakery and Mucus Guys! Hello! I didn’t die (almost did)! My voice returned to me and I’m back. This episode is filled with too many descriptions of how much mucus is in my face and disappointing police work. Follow my insta @/crochetandcrimepodcast. Thank you for listening, as always. All duh lub, Elle. Feb 02, 202124:38Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places. Howdy! Today I sat down and enjoyed my morning coffee while reading some ghost stories to you. Maybe I’ll make this a monthly thing? Keeping yourself scared is healthy (or so we can think). Thank you for listening! Check out Fridays episode at 8 AM! Instagram - crochetandcrimepodcast Jan 25, 202127:22The Last SupperHowdy, all! Today’s episode touches on some famous criminals last meals. In this episode I learn that I cannot speak correctly before noon (or ever). Thank you for listening! Follow me on Instagram at crochetandcrimepodcast!!!Jan 22, 202119:58The Bever Family Murders Heyyyyoooooo! Happy Friday, or happy whatever day that you’re listening to this! Today I spoke about the Bever family, but also threw in a small town murder since this was a shorter episode. Next week I’m thinking of reading a ghost story from an ancient ghost book AND doing the usually murder Friday... how does that sound? As always, thank you for listening!!!! Jan 15, 202118:58Samuel Little (Rest In Pain)Hi!!!!!!!!!!! Jan 08, 202127:42NYE MurdersHey guys! Happy NYE/New Years!! I hope this year brings you all you’ve wished for and treats you so much better than 2020 has. You deserve it. Check out our rad new logo from my friend Lauren! She owns a super cool earring business called Love, Lauren! Check her out! Thank you for listening even though my stutter makes it difficult sometimes. :) I appreciate each and every one of you. Go fight the good fight. Follow me on Instagram @ elleaugustine or @ crochetandcrimepodcast. Bye! Dec 31, 202021:06White Christmas, Bloody Christmas Hey y’all! Today I gathered 5 of my favorite Christmas murders (it sounds awful every single time) and put them into one mass episode! I also made an Instagram for this podcast to make things easier for the both of us, you can follow at crochetandcrimepodcast!!! Thank you! Byeeeeeee. Dec 25, 202041:30Why am I like this...?Hey y’all! In this small episode I spoke about what intrigued me as a child and how that formed the psychopath I am today. Just kidding. Kinda. I started an Instagram for the podcast!!!!!! Wooooooooo @ crochetandcrimepodcast. Give it a follow if you want, or don’t! Have a great day, lock your doors and NEVER talk to creepy men. :)Dec 23, 202021:57The Carr Brothers/The Wichita Massacre Hello! Welcome to my first official podcast. In this episode I speak on the crime spree committed by Reginald and Jonathan Carr. This being my first episode, the beginning is rough. Stick with it... I promise once the initial anxiety drops it’ll get better lol. Tune in next week for a Christmas Day episode where I’m going to speak about five Christmas murders! Thank you so much for listening, bye!! :)Dec 18, 202022:40
Crochet & Crime • A podcast on Spotify for Podcasters (2024)
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