I'm a Food Blogger and this Is the Best Wordpress Recipe Plugin (2024)

I'm a Food Blogger and this Is the Best Wordpress Recipe Plugin (1)

Finding a good recipe plugin can be as confusing and frustrating as finding a good hosting company. With so many to choose from, they all tend to blur together and seem to have the same functions.

But as someone who has been food blogging for 8 years and who has gone through several recipe plugins, more than I care to remember, I must say it’s been hard to find a good one.

It took years before I finally found one that automatically increased my traffic, and that’s why I decided to write a little post about it.

Scroll all the way down to see which recipe plugin changed my blog’s life.

I figured that if it was this difficult for me to find a good recipe plugin, then you might also be in the same position.

What is a Recipe Plugin?

A plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. In the case of a recipe plugin, it adds a recipe card to your posts where you input your ingredients, directions and any additional information pertaining to the recipe.

To Pay or Not To Pay

If you follow my blogging adventures, you know that I always encourage bloggers to invest a little money from the get-go because those extra dollars really pay off in the end.

I spent the first two years of my blogging career trying to do it for free and I wish I hadn’t done that.

By refusing to upgrade certain plugins, I didn’t have access to features that would have helped my blog stand out and look more professional. Also, I missed out on amazing online courses teaching bloggers how to increase their traffic and make more sales. I was convinced that all the useful tools and blogging information were available for free if I did enough research.

Don’t do what I did.

Believe me, set a few hundred bucks aside and start on the right foot!

Take online courses, find a good hosting company and a good recipe plugin. It will save you months of hard work down the road which is worth so much more than a few saved dollars.

So, to pay or not to pay for a recipe plugin?

If you are serious about food blogging and want to make money from it -> Pay.

The thing with recipe plugins is that free ones are very limiting and may not be structured in a way that can help you grow your traffic.

How Much Does A Recipe Plugin Cost?

Anywhere between $50-$100 a year. It’s not a one time purchase, you must renew it yearly.

By buying the plugin, the hope is that it will deliver on its promise. And because of that I recommend doing some digging around before committing to one for a whole year.

In this post, I’m going to share the three most recent recipe plugins I have used. As I previously mentioned, I used a lot more than that but considering the fact that I cannot remember most of their names, I’m going to deem them forgettable.

What is Structured Data?

Before we begin, let me quickly explain what structured data is and why it matters for seo (search engine optimization) since I will be talking about it a lot throughout this post.

When data from a web page is formatted into HTML code, it can be difficult for search engines to effectively interpret this information. Some of the coding can be hard to decipher and that’s when structured data comes in to help. Structured data like Schema.org and JSON-LD adds extra information that allows search engines to truly understand what your blog is about. That information is then used to improve search result listings.

For example, a recipe plugin that has sections where you can add keywords, type of cuisine, category, cooking method, and nutritional facts, is optimized with structured data.

Structured data makes it immediately clear what all the different parts of a page mean so search engines can better understand your posts.

Easy Recipe – 3/10

I'm a Food Blogger and this Is the Best Wordpress Recipe Plugin (2)

Easy Recipe was the first plugin I paid for and used for about three years. At first I was quite happy with it, but the lack of customer support and updates made it so I had to leave, if I wanted to stay up to date.

While other plugins were implementing structured data, Easy Recipe ignored it. Structured data is extremely important in order for search engines to be able to read recipes. Without it, it can be difficult for them to decipher.

My verdict? Don’t bother with it. From what I can tell by reading the comments online, it looks like Easy Recipe hasn’t updated their plugin since 2016, and the customer support is virtually non existent.I’m also not sure if the plugin is optimized for data structuring since I’m not seeing any information regarding that on their page.

WP Ultimate Recipes – 5/10

I'm a Food Blogger and this Is the Best Wordpress Recipe Plugin (3)

At first, WP Ultimate Recipes seemed like the best recipe plugin ever, but it didn’t take long before the cracks started to show. First of all, this plugin will mess your WP dashboard because it creates an entire new section called Recipes.

Let me explain this better – you know how you usually go inside WP and go in the Post section to create a new post? Well, with WP Ultimate Recipes you no longer use the Post section and instead create recipe posts under Recipes.

I'm a Food Blogger and this Is the Best Wordpress Recipe Plugin (4)

Why is this so frustrating you ask?

Plugins end up losing some of their functions and the interface is not very user friendly. There’s nothing simple about using WP Ultimate Recipes, I always wondered if I was doing something wrong.

Another big downside to this plugin is the option of adding the slug /recipe/ within your URL (don’t do it!), which initially sounds like a great idea for seo purposes. But this becomes a major problem if you decide to upgrade or no longer use their plugin because the slug suddenly disappears.

So your links go fromhttps://pickledplum.com/recipe/vegan-shepherds-pie/ tohttps://pickledplum.com/vegan-shepherds-pie/.

I'm a Food Blogger and this Is the Best Wordpress Recipe Plugin (5)

This means you need to use a redirect plugin to make sure your old links point to the new links, otherwise you could lose all your backlinks. This could kill your traffic since strong backlinks are what makes your blog rank high or low in search engines.

Forgetting to redirect can be a serious detriment to the success of your blog.

Is it WP Ultimate Recipes seo friendly?

It wasn’t for me.

After testing a few links in Google Search Console I noticed that most of my recipes couldn’t be read by Google. There were yellow highlighted lines everywhere on all of my recipes and I suddenly came to the realization that my traffic might be decreasing because of this plugin.

I kept this plugin for 1 year and my traffic stalled.

As far as customer service is concerned, it can be either excellent or non existent. I’ve had times when I was blown away by how quickly I would receive a detailed answer to my problem. Other times I would get a short, curt reply that made me feel like I was bothering them. And another couple of times I got radio silence.

My verdict? I don’t like this recipe plugin at all. I also think it can be dangerous for beginner food bloggers to use, who aren’t familiar with backlinks and redirects (should they decided to eventually stop using it). It’s simply not well thought out.

WP Recipe Maker – N/A

I'm a Food Blogger and this Is the Best Wordpress Recipe Plugin (6)

This is the updated version of WP Ultimate Recipe and it looks like they fixed a lot of their issues. They got rid of the Recipes section so you can now create your posts from the Post section! Also, they switched from Schema to JSON-LD structured data which makes recipes easier to read for search engines.

Is it good?

I don’t know, I only used it to unsubscribe to WP Ultimate Recipe. I had to upgrade to Recipe Maker (for free) to be able to revert my recipes in the Recipes section, back to the Post section.

My verdict?They lost my trust with WP Ultimate Recipe, so even if WP Recipe Maker happens to be outstanding, I would never go back to using any of their products.

WP Tasty Recipes – 9.5/10

Finally, the only recipe pluginI will recommend getting becauseit was built by food bloggers. Let’s face it, food bloggers are the only ones who truly know what a recipe plugin needs in order to function properly.

WP Tasty Recipesrocks because it checks all the boxes.

My traffic in the past 4 months has increased by 60.25% overall and as much as 104% in organic searches! That’s incredible!!

I'm a Food Blogger and this Is the Best Wordpress Recipe Plugin (8)

Built by Bjork and Lindsay, owners of the super successful food blog Pinch of Yum, they created the plugin with a few specific things in mind:

  • Ease of use for both the user and the reader.
  • Easy for search engines to read. WP Tasty Recipes uses JSON-LDstructured data to provide an in-depth view of your recipe to search engines, including both Pinterest and Google.
  • Flexible formatting so you can write recipes the way you like it, and make the recipe card look the way you want it to.
  • Video integration. Since video is the wave of the future, the plugin allows video embedding so you can show how the recipe is made right next to the ingredients!

I’ve been following Lindsay and Bjork’s food blogging journey for longer than I’ve had a blog.

In fact, they are the ones who inspired me to start a food blog because I saw them go from making $72/month, to well over $20,000/month in the span of just 3 years!

Bjork and Lindsay are an established source of information for all things related to food blogging. They ownFood Blogger Pro, a website packed with video tutorials on how to start, grow and monetize a food blog.

I was with Food Blogger Pro for 2 years and gobbled up all of their videos because they are actually full of information and useful. Also, the chat rooms alone are worth the money because they are filled with helpful food bloggers from around the world.

So when I saw that they had launched a recipe plugin, I was overjoyed!

WP Tasty Recipes delivers on all fronts – it’s solid, easy to use (the interface is almost the same as if you were creating a new post in WP), the style of the recipe cards are polished, and the customer support consistently good.

The verdict? I gave it 9.5 out of 10 because their customer service can take a little too long to reply at times. But other than that, WP Tasty Recipe is a wonderful plugin you will thoroughly enjoy using.

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I'm a Food Blogger and this Is the Best Wordpress Recipe Plugin (2024)


How do food bloggers get their recipes? ›

Where Do You Get The Inspiration For Your Recipes?
  1. friends and family.
  2. restaurants.
  3. magazines.
  4. seasonal produce.
  5. other blogs.
  6. my constant food cravings.

What is the best website builder for food bloggers? ›

WordPress.org: Best website builder for food blogs. WordPress is the most popular online content management system. It's the best platform for a food blog. But before getting into the reasons WordPress is great for food blogs, let's clarify one thing: we're talking about WordPress.org.

How do I add a recipe to a blog on WordPress? ›

To add a recipe to your site, use the recipe shortcode. You can add a shortcode to any page or post using a Shortcode block. Everything between the opening [recipe] and closing [/recipe] tags will be set apart as the recipe on your page.

What is the best recipe blog? ›

Top Food Blogs in 2024
  • Pinch of Yum. Pinch of Yum is where vibrant flavors and healthy ingredients meet. ...
  • Gimme Some Oven. ...
  • Cookie and Kate. ...
  • Serious Eats. ...
  • The Pioneer Woman. ...
  • Minimalist Baker. ...
  • Love and Lemons. ...
  • A Cozy Kitchen.
Apr 16, 2024

What is the average salary for a food blogger? ›

$40,000 is the 25th percentile. Salaries below this are outliers. $50,000 is the 75th percentile.

How much do recipe bloggers make? ›

The average annual income for food bloggers ranges broadly, from $35,000 to $125,500 per year, according to the latest data. But that's just an average. One of the most successful food bloggers around, Tiffy Cooks, shared in one of her posts, that she makes between $45,000 and $55,000 per month before expenses.

Is WordPress good for a food blog? ›

Last but not least, the easiest and most commonly seen way to build your food blog is through WordPress. Therefore, you should use a hosting provider that offers easy WordPress integration and WordPress-specific setup processes.

Do food blogs still make money? ›

Food Blogger Salary

According to ZipRecruiter, the average food blogger's salary in the US is $62,275 a year as of Jan 31, 2024.

What apps do food bloggers use? ›

The following are major apps used by food bloggers:
  • Spyne.
  • Snapseed.
  • Camera+
  • Adobe Lightroom.
  • FoodieFoto.

Can I post a recipe from a cookbook on my blog? ›

Recipes can be protected under copyright law if they are accompanied by “substantial literary expression.” This expression can be an explanation or detailed directions, which is likely why food and recipe bloggers often share stories and personal anecdotes alongside a recipe's ingredients.

How do I add a printable recipe to my WordPress blog? ›

Create a new page or post in WordPress and give it a suitable title. Next, search for the recipe card block by typing in “recipe” and add the Premium Recipe Card to your post. The Recipe Card Blocks plugin automatically adds a recipe card template to your post that you can add your recipe to.

Is a recipe website considered as a blog? ›

As long as it is a blog about food it is considered as a food blog. Most often a food blog has overlapping elements of all or some of these elements. A blog is a personal journal and there is no real rule of writing a food blog.

How many recipes do you need to start a food blog? ›

Your only job during the first 6 months of running your food blog is to get a new recipe put out every week. Do not underestimate how difficult this is. You need a minimum of 20 high quality, unique pieces of content (recipes) before search engines even consider you anything other than a spammer.

Where do bloggers get their recipes? ›

Where Do Food Bloggers Get Their Recipes?
  • Follow Other Food Blogs. ...
  • Browse Social Media. ...
  • Use Recipe-Sharing Platforms. ...
  • Read Cookbooks and Food Magazines. ...
  • Eat at New Restaurants. ...
  • Discover Family Recipes. ...
  • Join Cooking Enthusiast Communities. ...
  • Take Cooking Classes.
Jan 10, 2024

Can you use other people's recipes on your blog? ›

All you have to do to share a recipe properly is to make sure that: The original site/blog/blogger/url gets a credit link that goes to the original recipe. You have permission to use their photo (if you are using it) You send people to the original recipe site for directions.

How do people come up with their own recipe? ›

Many recipe developers find ideas:
  1. In cookbooks or magazines.
  2. Through recipes on other food blogs.
  3. From family recipes.
  4. At local restaurants or bakeries.
  5. While traveling.
  6. From new ingredients or seasonal produce at a farmers market.
  7. On Pinterest.
  8. While watching cooking shows.
Jun 9, 2022

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