Is your Winston-Salem street going to be repaved? Check our map (2024)

Wes Young

Winston-Salem plans to spend $10 million this fiscal year to repave city streets, and will spend another $814,000 on a comprehensive survey of street conditions to better gauge the need for future work.

The repaving work includes some long stretches of roadway, including part of Country Club Road, and Patterson Avenue between 14th and 27th streets. The repaving work is distributed among the city’s eight wards, and includes many shorter residential streets that are likely familiar only to those who live on them or nearby.

The streets scheduled for repaving have been examined by city staff and found in need, although city officials also say the process that gets a street put on the list has been too haphazard.

Winston-Salem is spending close to $10 million to repave streets across the city. Zoom in to see what streets are on the list, or use the search button in the upper, left hand corner to find your street. Click on the line to see a description, which will show in the lower, left hand corner of the map.

Scroll down past the map to see the full list.

“Historically, we have been doing a pavement condition rating over several years,” said Keith Huff, the city’s director of field operations. “Staff members did it when they were not out there paving.” But the results were not as updated and consistent as they should be, he added.

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The city has also tried to strike a balance among the wards so that all the repaving money does not go to one part of town, Huff said.

An apples-to-apples comparison of streets on the list doesn’t always work, he said. Repaving a wider street such as Country Club Road costs more than the same footage of repaving along narrower neighborhood streets.

The repaving work will be done by the Thompson-Arthur Division of APAC-Atlantic Inc. at a cost of $9.9 million.

The repaving work will take place from July through July of 2025.

Meanwhile, another company, WithersRavenel, won the contract last month for a project to carry out a through survey of pavement conditions all around the city.

To be done at a cost not to exceed $814,000, the survey will take six to seven months to carry out, city officials said, adding that it will also involve the use of artificial intelligence in the process of collecting data about the conditions on the city’s 1,200 miles of roads.

Huff said his understanding is that the company would use a laser-equipped truck to take pictures as it patrols the streets to carry out the survey.

When the work is finished, the city will have a zero to 100 rating for all the streets in the system, and should be better able to plan future repaving and maintenance projects, the city officials said.

Huff told Winston-Salem City Council members during a recent meeting that the survey will do more than simply report on the condition of the city’s streets:

“If we have a certain funding dollar in mind, we can plug that in and get a ‘worst is first’ scenario,” Huff said. “If we plug in $7 million or $9 million, we can prioritize the ranking of those streets and say those are the streets in the most need.”

The survey will be able to take into account varying conditions of the streets by breaking them into segments that are each individually rated.

During recent discussion on the city’s Finance Committee, Council Member and committee chairman Robert Clark voiced the concern that the city would have to pony up another $800,000 in several years to do another study to keep the survey up to date.

But city officials believe that should not be the case: Huff said the initial survey should create a baseline of city street conditions that would not be as expensive to update later on as it is to create the initial survey.




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Wes Young

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Is your Winston-Salem street going to be repaved? Check our map (2024)
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