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Kraemer Aviation Services: Market Watch (3)

Our Market Watch section is an online searchable database and it is smart phone friendly. It was set up as a database for vehicle price data; however we have added other collectibles as well. For example, under “Make” you can search for Paul McCartney for price data related to Paul McCartney collectibles. You can also use the database to see what celebrity ownership of a vehicle does to the value. For example, under “Model” search for Trans Am,click here to view the results. You can also search the Market Watch for famous/well know collections that have sold, for example,here is the data for the Bruce Weiner Microcar Auction. And here is the data for theLee Roy Hartung collectionthat sold years ago. We have also included price data from TV shows such as Jay Lenos Garage, American Pickers, and others, simply search under “Make” for Jay Lenos Garage and click on search. The database allows you to compare asking price, book value, actual sale price, etc. You can also view offers versus sale price.Click here to view offers versus sale price. The database includes aircraft, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, collectibles, avionics, engines, car parts, aircraft parts, and more.

Price History

Royal Enfield500 With Sidecar1968$6,990 Asking price seen on Facebook April 12 2024. For details, see ...... For pictures, see
Royal EnfieldInterceptor2021$6,100 Asking price posted on Facebook March 25 2022. 2021 Royal Enfield Interceptor$6,100
Royal EnfieldClassic Military Motorcycle with Sidecar2012$6,500 Asking price seen online Oct 16 2021. 5900 miles.
Royal EnfieldClassic2020$8,285 Asking price seen on Facebook July 21 2021. 2020 Royal Enfield. Excellent condition. Only 546 original miles. Comes with warranty. $8,285 OBO Great show bike. Fun to ride. Gets lots of attention.Classic model
Royal EnfieldBullet 500 With Sidecar2007$9,000 Asking price seen on Facebook August 24 2020. This is an awesome rig with about 5800 miles, and runs great. It is the last year of the ironbarell head and even has the FIREBALL head and upgraded Carb. It starts and runs great. Tons of paperworkClean Maryland titleKick and electric start
Royal EnfieldGT 2601964$2,500 Asking price seen on Facebook November 13 2018. 1964 Royal Enfield GT 250$2,50085282-13061964 Royal Enfield 250 Continental GT recreation. The real deal Enfield...imported from Britain some years ago and purchased at auction this past June. Too many bike projects this one needs a British expert. Has strong compression, new battery but has not been started. Reverse polarity wiring needs gone through. Tank hold fuel but petco*ck weeps. Substantial paperwork from overseas, AZ title. would love to hear it run but I just don't have the time to spend on it. if you are in the British bikes come take a look at it and make me an offer.
Royal EnfieldBullet 500 with sidecar1997$3,000 Asking price seen on Facebook October 23 2017. 1997 royal enfield with side car$3,000Cincinnati, OHExtremely cool royal enfield bullet 500 with a cozy brand side car. The bike has really good patina and under 2600 original miles. Runs really well but doesn't shift great. But I have the conversion kit to repair the problem, which is very common. $3000. Pretty firm
Royal EnfieldBullet with sidecar1965$3,900 An ebay buy it now price seen online Nov 6 2014. Has Euro sidecar. 350 cc engine. Located in India. Price listed here is USD. Completely restored. This motorcycle is prepared with old chassis and old engine casing with matching numbers and inside the engine every bit and parts are new. The spares we used in motorcycle are from Royal Enfield company.
Royal EnfieldContinental Kit2012$2,795 Price for new in 2012. Kit of aftermarket accessories perfect for the standard Bullet
Royal EnfieldCafe Racer Kit2012$2,325 Price for new in 2012. Complete kit to turn your Bullet into a vintage British Cafe Racer
Royal EnfieldScrambler / Trials Kit2012$2,150 Price for new in 2012. Kit to transform the Bullet into a Vintage Scrambler Off-road or, with additional modifications, a competitive Trials Bike. All parts except front indicators bolt on directly to your Bullet. Black powder-coated mudguard stays, rear loop, and rear number plate. Chrome straight-folding kick-start, handlebars, exhaust system and saddle springs. Alloy Rims
Royal EnfieldBullet G5 Deluxe2012$6,395 Price for new in 2012. Starting at: $6395 (49 State). $6699 (California)
Royal EnfieldBullet G5 Classic2012$6,199 Price for new in 2012. Starting at: $6199 (49 State). $6499 (California)
Royal EnfieldBullet 500 B52012$5,999 Price for new in 2012. Starting at: $5999
Royal EnfieldBullet C5 Military2012$6,595 Price for new bike in 2012. Starting at: $6595 (49 State). $6695 (California)
Royal EnfieldBullet G5 Classic2012$6,199 Price for new bike in 2012. Starting at: $6199 (49 State). $6499 (California). Taxes, location and other charges may apply.
Royal EnfieldCO 3501939$8,500 Not a sale price. ebay auction that ended Jan 19 2012. The starting bid was $8,500 USD - it got 0 bids. Partial restoration. Needs some work. For pics see
Royal EnfieldBullet C5 Military2011$5,850 Not a sale price. ebay auction that ended Jan 19 2012. The buy it now price was $5,850 USD. 0 bids. 500 cc. Being sold NEW by a dealer. There will be an additional $399 Freight / Set-up charge on all new bike sales. Sales Tax will also be applied for buyers in Utah. See for pics.

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Kraemer Aviation Services: Market Watch (2024)
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