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LARIMER COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE2+ weeks agoAgencySuspicious vehicle in the area of Timberline and Vine On Thursday, February 22, 2024, at approximately 3pm, it was reported a small white vehicle, possibly an SUV, was driving in the area of Timberline and Vine roads in Fort Collins. A white male got out of the passenger side of the vehicle and contacted a juvenile walking alone in the area. The male had brown hair and brown eyes and was dressed in a black hoodie and a half-white/half-black mask. The juvenile told the male to leave him alone, and the suspect got back into the vehicle and drove away. The driver was reported to be wearing all black. The juvenile was not injured and returned home to their family. Anyone with information regarding this incident or who might have video footage or have been in the area at the time is asked to contact LCSO Investigator Mark Johnston at (970) 498-5509.66Like39

LARIMER COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE2+ weeks agoAgency⚠️SCAM ALERT Scammers are spending their snow day on the phone... we've gotten numerous reports of law enforcement impersonators calling people today. They're "spoofing" our non-emergency number (970-416-1985) so it looks like the call is coming from LCSO, then demand money. Here are the warning signs of this common scam: 📱 You get a call from someone who claims to be an officer or deputy. They may even provide a real person’s name. 👮 The Caller ID shows up as a law enforcement agency. 😮 They tell you that you have a warrant for your arrest. They may tell you not to speak with anyone about the issue or you’ll be arrested for “violating a gag order.” 💰 They demand immediate payment to avoid going to jail. They may ask for gift cards, wire transfers, cryptocurrency (Bitcoin), PayPal, CashApp, or other money transfer methods. This is always a SCAM. Real law enforcement will never call to demand money. If you do have a warrant, there's no buying your way out of it. Scammers use psychological tactics to catch people off guard, create fear and confusion, then prey on panic to get people to pay. It can happen to anyone, so spread the word! #OneAgencyOneMissionPublicSafety115Like42

LARIMER COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE2+ weeks agoAgencyOperation Pin Drop: NCDTF Dismantles Drug Trafficking Organization ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the summer of 2023, the Northern Colorado Drug Task Force (NCDTF) began investigating an organized drug trafficking organization responsible for distributing fentanyl, methamphetamine, and cocaine in northern Colorado and throughout the state. After months of intensive casework, NCDTF detectives identified a large regional network of suspects affiliated with international drug cartel operations. After filing charges, detectives conducted search warrants at 11 different homes and seized evidence associated with the case, including: ● 8.5 pounds of fentanyl (21,000 pills, fentanyl powder, fentanyl designed to look like other substances) ● 32 pounds of methamphetamine ● 3 pounds of cocaine ● $42,000+ cash associated with drug distribution ● 28 firearms (several classified as dangerous weapons or had serial numbers removed/altered) “I am so proud of everyone who worked tirelessly to bring this investigation to a positive conclusion. Any reduction of Fentanyl that is coming into our communities has the potential to save a life,” said Lt. Mark Hertz, commander of the regional task force. “The NCDTF is committed to doing our job of supply reduction, as well as partnering with those who are working towards awareness, prevention and education in our local communities as it relates to the opioid crisis.” This operation included more than two dozen partner agencies who assisted in the investigation. “Operation Pin Drop is a perfect example of local and federal agencies working together to positively impact the region,” said the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Rocky Mountain Field Division Acting Special Agent in Charge David Olesky. “While it might feel unnerving to know the Sinaloa Cartel has a presence here, Northern Coloradans can count on our Agents from the Fort Collins Post of Duty to continue working side by side with the Detectives from the Northern Colorado Drug Task Force to stem the cartel’s influence.” Read a complete list of the arrests, charges, and agencies who supported this operations: https://www.larimer.gov/spotlights/2024/03/12/operation-pin-drop-ncdtf-dismantles-drug-trafficking-organization177Like

LARIMER COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE2+ weeks agoAgencyInvestigators from Fort Collins Police Services and the Larimer County Sheriff's Office are asking the community for tips in a series of arson fires that have happened in Northeast Fort Collins. The arson and criminal mischief cases began in late October and have occurred in the TimberVine neighborhood and Collins Aire Mobile Home Park. TimberVine is in Fort Collins Police Services (FCPS) jurisdiction, and the Collins Aire Mobile Home Park is in the Larimer County Sheriff's Office (LCSO) jurisdiction. Due to the similarity of cases and close proximity reported in each jurisdiction, investigators are now working together as they believe the same suspect(s) may be responsible for all of these incidents. Poudre Fire Authority (PFA) fire investigators are also supporting law enforcement in the investigation. On October 23, 2023 FCPS took a report of a Pride flag that had been burned and caught a chair cushion on fire. That night, PFA responded to a grass fire in the open space area near the TimberVine neighborhood. Less than an hour later, PFA and LCSO were dispatched to the Collins Aire Mobile Home Park for a vehicle that was fully engulfed by fire. During this incident, first responders also located a burning trash can nearby. On October 24, 2023 in the TimberVine neighborhood there was a report of graffiti and an American flag that was burned. The home where this happened is near the open space where the grass fire had occurred the previous day. On November 12, 2023 there were four reports made from residents in the TimberVine Neighborhood. A chair was lit on fire and spread to a residence – this fire was put out by a resident. A small grass fire was lit in a canal and graffiti was found on a fence nearby. A Pride flag was burned and the home’s garage had graffiti on it, and the last reported case involved a scarecrow which was burned and a chair was stolen from that residence. Fort Collins Chief Swoboda and Larimer County Sheriff John Feyen have both agencies working together and using joint resources to apprehend this person as soon as possible. Investigators are working to determine if any of these crimes are bias-motivated. A photo of the graffiti is attached. Anyone with information about these incidents or possible suspect(s) should contact Fort Collins Police Detective Matt Schuh at (970) 416-8043 or Larimer County Sheriff's Office Investigator Stephen Gates at (970) 498-5169. People who wish to remain anonymous may also contact Crime Stoppers of Larimer County at (970) 221-6868 or www.stopcriminals.org.6Like

LARIMER COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICEa week agoAgencyA Larimer County man has been arrested for shooting and killing multiple cattle that belonged to his neighbors. On April 1, 2024, Larimer County Sheriff’s Office received a report that a man, identified as Michael Hester (DOB 02/23/87), had shot and killed livestock around his property. LCSO deputies and a crime scene investigator responded to the Buckhorn Road address. Surrounding neighbors told deputies that the suspect had driven a UTV around while shooting at their livestock. Deputies obtained search warrants and located a total of seven dead cattle in various locations in the area. They also found an eighth cow that had been critically injured and had to be euthanized. Deputies enlisted the services of a brand inspector and licensed livestock appraiser to confirm ownership and value of the animals. They determined that the dead cattle belonged to two neighbors and the total loss is estimated to be over $30,000. Hester was arrested during the initial contact and was issued a $5,000 personal recognizance bond by the Larimer County Court. Additional felony charges have been filed, and he faces the following: • Aggravated Animal Cruelty (F6) - 9 counts • Second Degree Criminal Trespass (F5) • Theft of Certain Animals (F4) - 8 counts • Shooting Across Public Highway “This crime shows a disturbing disregard for life and livelihood,” said Undersheriff Joe Shellhammer, who leads the LCSO Operations Division. “We know how much these animals mean to our ranching community, and we won’t tolerate actions that threaten their welfare.” The Colorado statute commonly known as the “Open Range Law” allows livestock owners to graze animals without containment. Residents who want to restrict livestock access to their property are required to fence off these areas. A booking photo is attached. Anyone with information, who has not already spoken with law enforcement, may contact Deputy Andrea Maxwell at 970-498-5411. People can also contact Crime Stoppers of Larimer County at 970-221-6868. These charges are merely an accusation, and the defendant is presumed innocent until, and unless, proven guilty.211Like

STATE OF COLORADO2+ weeks agoAgencyColorado Parks and Wildlife is requesting information about a suspicious incident that occurred between Saturday 12/9 and Tuesday 12/12 on the east side of Cherry Creek State Park, near the 12-Mile North Parking Area. The remains of a deer carcass were discovered that may have been involved in a poaching incident. We're looking for information from anyone who may have been in the area Saturday through Tuesday and witnessed anything out of the ordinary. Please contact the park office at 303-690-1166 or the Denver region office at 303-291-7227.1Like

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Orchard Lane, Laporte | News, Crime, Lost Pets, Free Stuff (2024)
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